Access to the World's Excess Inventory
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Global Oversupply Inc is a Market Place for Excess and Overstock Industrial Equipment.

Global Oversupply Inc. was founded in 2018 by Kevin and Sandra Mitchinson of Kerisal Investments Ltd.

Both Kevin and Sandra remain as mentors and advisors contributing to the successful growth of Global Oversupply Inc.

The realm of global commerce is represented in Trillions of dollars. With ever increasing internet connectivity and a major shift toward e-based transactions, necessity intersects convenience at Global Oversupply Inc.

Global Oversupply transcends the typical boom and bust cycle. In times of economic expansion, over-produced products become readily available and, during an economic contraction, overstocked inventory and used inventory head to market to recover much needed capital.

We bridge the gap by creating a commercial opportunity between willing Buyers and Sellers.

Why choose us

What makes us superior over others is our approach to attracting the buyers and sellers.

Our mission

Our mission is to make Global Oversupply the largest online marketplace where individuals and organizations can better promote their industrial equipmnet.

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